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The Queen Chronicles is a powerful tribute to the indomitable spirit of African American women and a celebration of their contributions to history, culture, and the ongoing pursuit of their journey of faith in God.

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About The Queens Chronicles Part 1

"The Queen Chronicles Part I: A Letter to My Sister Queens" is a compelling anthology that brings together the empowering narratives of 10 remarkable African-American women of God. In this inspiring collection, each co-author fearlessly opens up and shares her unique journey, revealing stories of resilience, strength, and triumph over adversity.

Through heartfelt letters addressed to their fellow sister queens, these women delve into the depths of their experiences, providing readers with intimate glimpses into their lives. From overcoming personal challenges to navigating societal expectations, the co-authors authentically explore the intersections of race, identity, and womanhood.

Meet The Authors

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Verenda K. Cobbs

Visionary & Project Leader

Shanice Fox.jpg

Shanice Fox

Richmond, VA

Queens Fellowship 09.02.23-1142 (1).jpg

Shaundra Stephens

Richmond, VA

Tyscala Armstrong.jpeg

Tyscala Armstrong

Richmond, VA

Starlette Holland.jpg

Starlette Holland

Chesapeake, VA

Philomena Whitehead.jpeg

Philomena Whitehead

Hampton, VA

IMG_0936 - T. Keyinta (1).jpeg

T. Keyinta Boyd

Baltimore, MD

Simone Jacob.jpeg

Simone Jacob

Ponchatoula, LA

Yolanda Pinkney-Coleman.jpeg

Yolanda Pinkney-Coleman

Charlotte, NC

Queens Fellowship 09.02.23-1114.jpg

Clarissa Law

Richmond, VA

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