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Shanice Fox


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Shanice Fox, a native of Richmond, Virginia, has dedicated her life to making a difference in her community. Her childhood dream was to be a caregiver, a passion she continues to embrace. Shanice finds solace in nature, particularly enjoying exploring parks and nurturing her love for the outdoors.


As a single mother of five children and a devoted pet owner. Shanice advocates for causes close to her heart. She is fervently passionate about supporting single moms navigating the challenges of the system, mentoring girls who have experienced trauma, and advocating for justice and fairness in the Black community's interactions with the judicial system.


Shanice's professional journey has been diverse, transitioning from a career in caregiving to her current role as a one-on-one counselor in public schools. Her experience spans working with elderly individuals with autism and now as a youth counselor, where she mentors young girls facing challenges similar to those she has overcome.


Driven by her compassion and empathy, Shanice established a nonprofit organization, "Battered Broken to Better," advocating for domestic violence victims. She collaborates with "Mending Hearts of Richmond" to mentor young girls.


Her impact on the lives of others is a testament to her success, marked not only by certifications in caregiving, mentoring, and counseling but also by her spiritual leadership as an ordained minister of the gospel. Shanice's ultimate goal is to effect positive change in the community and systems that govern it, encouraging youth to pursue their dreams and never give up. Her skills as a compassionate listener, motivator, and advocate position her as a beacon of hope and change in the lives of those she encounters.

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