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"Servant leadership is an important part of building the kingdom. As we learn to serve God and others we are reminded that Jesus taught that whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant." (Matthew 20: 25-26)  - Apostle Verenda K. Cobbs



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Apostle Verenda K. Cobbs, affectionately known as "Pastor V", is a spiritual leader with a profound calling on her life. Born in Baltimore, Maryland, she discovered her passion for Christ during her college years at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in Richmond, Virginia. Immersed in small groups, she delved into the study of God's word, prayer, and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Through divine revelation and a transformative encounter during a revival, Verenda received her calling to ministry. She has since been licensed as a minister, ordained as an Elder, and installed as a Pastor. With a heart for equipping others, she has founded ministries, trained outreach leaders, and empowered pastors and elders across the United States.

As an Apostolic visionary, Verenda connects effortlessly with audiences from all walks of life. Her extensive involvement in ministry, spanning various roles such as Associate Pastor, Executive Pastor, Youth Pastor, and Senior Pastor, has granted her a holistic understanding of the ministry's intricacies.

Verenda's qualifications extend beyond traditional ministry, as she holds professional social work, leadership, religious studies, and life coaching credentials. With over 20 years of experience in diverse industries, including education, grassroots organizing, mental health, and nonprofit leadership, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role.

Driven by a deep desire to support individuals, families, and communities, Verenda specializes in helping people overcome trauma, build resilience, and develop coping skills. Her passion is to see others thrive and achieve spiritual maturity.

A celebrated author and visionary, Verenda founded Aarise Kingdom Ministries, including Aarise Kingdom Queens Fellowship, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Believing in the transformative power of God's glory, she champions the belief that everyone can "Arise and Shine" after experiencing trauma, regardless of their circumstances.

Apostle Verenda Cobbs carries the fire of God within her, leading with grace, faith, and a commitment to empowering others on their spiritual journeys. Apostle Verenda is covered by her spiritual covenant parents in ministry Apostle EJ & Prophet Kia Simpkins, Senior Pastors of Impact City of Refuge/Impact Church of Richmond.

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