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Yolanda Pinkney-Coleman


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Meet Elder Yolanda "Monique" Pinkney-Coleman, a devoted servant of the Lord for over twenty-five years. From a young age, she felt a divine calling, which led her to surrender to God's will in 2014. Her and her husband Jerome Coleman serve as the Senior Pastors of Restoration Assemblies Outreach Ministries in North Carolina & New York. She faithfully serves at Restoration Assemblies Church RVA, under the tutelage of Pastor Steven M. Hawley, Jr.


Elder Yolanda is a Senior Administrator Leader, teaching Christian Education, Healing, and Deliverance and actively participating in the Outreach Ministry Team. She firmly believes that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, holding the answers to all of life's challenges. Her love for God and His people drives her unwavering dedication to reaching out to the poor, oppressed, brokenhearted, and orphaned.


With over nineteen years of experience in the Human Service field, specializing in substance abuse, mental health, and recovery, Elder Yolanda is a Substance Abuse Recovery Coach, Life Purpose Coach, Mentor, Mental Health Advocate, and Entrepreneur. Her mission is to guide at-risk youth, teens, and young adults through their struggles with addiction, mental health disorders, domestic violence, and reintegration into society after incarceration.


Elder Yolanda's motto, "Be Stronger Than Your Excuses," reflects her belief in the power of determination and perseverance. Born in South Jamaica, Queens, New York, she pursued her education in Human Services, Substance Abuse, Psychology, Christian Counseling, and biblical studies. She is also a licensed Evangelist and has undergone chaplaincy training.


With her husband, Elder Jerome Coleman, Elder Yolanda shares a blended family of eight adult children and twelve grandchildren. They are dedicated speakers and hosts of the online podcast "L.I.F.E. (Living in Freedom Everyday)." Her literary contributions include books such as "From Broken to Reborn," "Road to Recovery: Predestined for a Purpose," and "Road to Recovery Prayer Journal."


Elder Yolanda Pinkney-Coleman's life is a testament to her unwavering faith, compassion, and commitment to serving others. She aspires to bring healing, deliverance, and freedom to the lives she touches, guided by the belief that no obstacle is insurmountable with God by your side.

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