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Shaundra Stephens


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Born November 11, 1989, in Hampton, VA, Shaundra Michelle Stephens embodies unwavering dedication to positive change. Her life's purpose emerged at a young age, as she dreamed of opening a women's shelter, a vision driven by compassion.

Her profound commitment extends to causes like Domestic Violence Awareness, Homelessness, and Women's Advocacy. A unique aspect of her personality is her remarkable connection to music – a single word can spark entire symphonies in her mind.

While her academic journey began in Accounting at Old Dominion University, she later shifted to Human Services, aspiring to become a Christian counselor. Though she didn't complete her degree, her determination led her to Virginia Commonwealth University for a future in Social Work.

Professionally, Shaundra serves as a dedicated Customer Service Representative in healthcare and is an Independent Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay, Inc. Her contributions have earned her numerous recognitions, including over 15 Keys of Excellence and being celebrated as a Community Cares Hero at the Employee Christmas Party, along with receiving the Virginia's Speak Up for Safety! Honorable Mention Award.

Shaundra's dedication extends to volunteering with C.A.R.E.S., Inc., The Devonshire Senior Living, VA Beach Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center, and various outreach activities, from homeless support to neighborhood clean-ups.

Her ultimate mission is to advocate for the voiceless, establish women's shelters and transitional homes, and empower women and girls to embrace their worth and voice, reminding them they are queens, loved, seen, and not defined by their mistakes. Shaundra's interests are as diverse as her passions, including writing, crafts, a deep appreciation for nature, movie outings, and cherished moments with loved ones. She dreams of one day exploring the enchanting waters of Paris and Italy.

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