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T. Keyinta Boyd


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T. Keyinta Boyd is a multifaceted woman of God who wears various hats with grace and purpose. As a proud mother, aunt, sister, and friend, she cherishes the importance of family and community bonds. Hailing from Baltimore, MD, Minister Key’s journey has been shaped by the profound love and guidance of her grandmother, Willie Mae Beverly, serving as a testament to the power of familial connections.

At the core of Keyinta's identity is her unwavering faith, acknowledging her role as a beloved daughter of God. Her spiritual journey has led her to become a minister at Mission Life Church, where she actively contributes to the spiritual growth of the community. Committed to deepening her understanding of discipleship counseling, Keyinta is currently immersed in studies with True Life Discipleship Counseling, aspiring to further enrich her ability to guide and support others on their spiritual paths.

Keyinta's passion for nurturing the hearts and minds of young people is evident in her dedication to social-emotional learning and theater arts. Her commitment to this cause is manifested through her role as a co-playwright of two highly acclaimed productions, "Rebirth" and "Choose to Live." These theatrical endeavors not only showcase her creative prowess but also serve as powerful vehicles for spreading the message of Christ's love.

As a co-founder of, Keyinta Boyd has played a pivotal role in establishing a platform that celebrates and fosters artistic expression. This initiative reflects her belief in the transformative power of the arts and their ability to inspire and uplift individuals.

Beyond her professional and creative pursuits, Keyinta finds profound joy and purpose in the gift of motherhood. Her three children, Tamauri, Tamora, and Tailyn, serve as constant reminders of the importance of trust and reliance on God's guidance. In essence, T. Keyinta Boyd is a woman of faith, a dedicated mother, a compassionate teacher, and a creative force in the world of theater arts. Her life's journey is a testament to the beautiful intersection of spirituality, creativity, and community service.

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