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Clarissa Law


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Clarissa's life journey is a remarkable testament to her resilience and unwavering dedication. Originally from Queens, NY, she faced the challenges of teenage motherhood head-on, defying the odds to pursue her educational and professional aspirations and emerging as an inspirational figure.

Clarissa holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from VCU and works as a Qualified Mental Health Professional, significantly impacting the mental health field. Her quest for knowledge continues as she works toward a Master's degree in Human Service Counseling, focusing on Marriage and Family at Liberty University, driven by her passion for addressing generational trauma and healing families.

With over two decades of experience in mentoring and counseling, she earned the title of Certified Life Coach. In the past, she even opened her home as a foster parent to teenage girls aging out of the foster care system, showcasing her dedication to helping others heal and discover their purpose.

As the CEO of Purposed by Design Coaching and Consulting, LLC, Clarissa offers personalized coaching, group sessions, public speaking, and workshops. She founded Lifelines to Success, a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization providing vital community enrichment programs.

In 2017, Clarissa established Let's Talk Women's Life Empowerment Group, offering women over 30 a platform to prioritize their dreams and passions. Her annual Visualizing Your Success Vision Board Experience and the 1st Lifelines to Success Family Empowerment Conference in 2019 testify to her commitment to uplifting others.

A Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. member with the Richmond Chapter, Alpha Phi Zeta, Clarissa resides in Midlothian, VA, actively engaging with her family and community. Her journey culminated in October 2020,when she became a published author. Clarissa's life purpose is to encourage and effect positive change in women's lives, and she continues to do so with grace and determination, making her a true beacon of inspiration and hope. "Words of Wisdom for the Heart and Soul: Lessons, Insight, and Guidance from 36 Women of Influence." Amazon Best Selling Author. August 2022. 

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